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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Original Blade Runner storyboards on the web

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(Credit: Ridleyville)

A collector in the UK is slowly releasing his collection of original Blade Runner storyboards online.

To date, there have been roughly 700 different cuts of Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi film Blade Runner released on DVD, but there will only ever be one set of original FX storyboards.

A fair few have ended up in the collection of one aficionado in the UK, Geoff Hutchins of website Ridleyville, who's a massive fan of the film. His collection includes props, costumes, autographs, action figures, cinema reels, video games and photographs of himself meeting the stars — and, of course, his storyboard collection.

It's quite some dedication he has, and it's wonderful for film, sci-fi, Ridley Scott and Blade Runner fans that he has put his collection online for anyone to see.

Go check out the rest of the storyboards (and his website) here.


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EdeaK posted a comment   

Well to be honest I'm very much excited to see those storyboards and I'm hoping that I'll be getting what I was expecting from it.

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