Oscar goody bags looking Razr sharp

Looking to get your hands on one of those hot new Razr phones from Motorola? No problem--if you'll be attending this year's Academy Awards ceremony.

Motorola V3 Razr

Motorola said that a limited-edition version of the ultrathin, wildly popular phones would be included in the lavish gift baskets handed out to presenters and winners at the show, which airs Sunday, Feb. 27. The special edition phones will be black, instead of the metal finish on the regular phones, a Motorola representative said.

A representative for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said the organisation does not comment on the gift baskets.

But details invariably leak out in gossip columns and trade publications. And the perceived bonus of seeing stars toting their products prompts some companies to issue press releases about the giveaways.

Tech goodies in previous year's baskets included a Samsung high-definition television set with one-year subscription to satellite HDTV provider Voom and a TAZ I personal video and media player from Tight Systems.

The freebies aren't limited to the Oscars. According to published reports, presenters and performers at last year's Teen Choice Awards received a Sprint PCS Vision phone from Samsung; and TiVos were given out at last year's Independent Spirit Awards.

Past Grammy gift bags have reportedly included a 20GB iPod from Apple Computer, a Siemens mobile phone and a Logitech digital camera. Last year's American Music Awards' bag included a Sirius satellite radio. And Hewlett-Packard gave away cameras in the goody bags handed out to some attendees at last year's MTV Video Music Awards.

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Anonymous posted a comment   

Whilst I agree on one level with the previous comments, the fact is that the companies see this as an invaluable form of advertising. Everyone wants to know what's in the bag and who's using it, and countless reviews and reports are written about the items that were given out at various events to celebs...........hence great advertising at really a very low cost as far as the companies are concerned. It's not about giving freebies to celebs rather than giving money to charity.......it's purely a marketing strategy which is considered to be an investment.


Michelle posted a comment   

I read an article in a magazine in which celebrities were asked what was the best thing about being a celebrity. The top answer was "free stuff". How shallow and materialistic can rich people get?

I think they should get a check for a donation in their names to a charity fund like Hurricane Katrina.


Fil Raposo posted a comment   

I find it disgusting that celebritites are given so many products that they really don't need or can buy themselves.
Companies should donate the $ value to a village or a family that really needs food or clothing. The value of one bag could feed a family for a year if not longer. Someone should bring this to the companies attention that give out these bags and maybe they'll think twice about making someone who has nothing very happy.

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