Our favourite touchscreen devices

Touch has opened up the way we interact with our devices.

Ever since the original iPhone, touch phones have become the fashion du jour. GPS devices, of course, have been touch enabled for a long time, more and more cameras have touchscreens, and even PCs and monitors are getting in on the action thanks to Windows 7, although with mixed results.

While we're not convinced that touch is the perfect fit for every device, there are certain places where it makes all the difference. Here are our favourite touch devices from each category so far.

For an explanation of the differences in touchscreen technologies, watch this video.

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ArdnibanI posted a comment   

go to HP's TouchSmart tm2


MattA posted a comment   

I've got a TouchSmart TX2! EIGHT gigs of RAM, but only 500 gig HDD! Intel Core2 Duo U9600 (1.6ghz) rounds the system off nicely. Beautiful screen!

The touch pad is truly awful however, and Windows 7 Home Premium often has strange bugs after resuming the system from Sleep.


JamesW3 posted a comment   

Hey...what about the Acer Aspire 5738PZG!? It has 500 Gig HDD and 4 Gig memory along with great specs.I've had it now for six months with Windows 7 and it's magnificent. The photos in Windows Media are easily slid around and enlarged or cut & pasted using your fingers. Even going on the web can be great fun!

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