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Did you miss out on the Ouya Kickstarter? You can now pre-order the console via Ouya.tv.

(Credit: Ouya)

The Ouya Kickstarter closed just 10 minutes ago at time of writing (3.10pm AEST), after an absolutely phenomenal campaign, ending with over 60,000 backers and more than US$8.5 million in funding.

But if you missed out, or couldn't afford to back the project within the window, breathe easy; Ouya has just launched Ouya.tv, its own website where you can now pre-order the console.

It's a little bit more expensive than funding the Kickstarter campaign, but still very reasonable — for Australians, the console and one controller comes to US$119, plus US$20 shipping.

Ouya itself is part Android-based console, part media hub, and has been announcing partnerships thick and fast. In the last few weeks, it has partnered with Vevo and OnLive, and today announced that it will be launching with XBMC and Plex support.

While we would be lying if we said that we don't have misgivings about the hardware, we're very keen to see what Ouya does next. If you are too, you can sign up for updates on its new website.

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Beanoo posted a comment   

Good luck guys, this is a really great idea and it will definitely change the way we experience games. Keep up the good work!


ADSLNerd posted a comment   

I hope this fails miserably, Dreamcast style. Android as a game OS as nowhere close to systems like the PS3 / Xbox 360, and the big game studios would probably not touch this with a barge pole. Even the OS looks like a ripoff of the Xbox 360 system. This is yet another "el-cheapo" game console system which will not survive against MS / Sony / Nintendo. Just another "fad" which will be short lived.


AlexV1 posted a reply   

I don't believe it's meant to be a direct competitor . The industry as a whole needs a little boost and simply put mobile gaming is where alot of the cash is nowadays.

Tekken and Final Fantasy have already been confirmed in some form for it, Not to mention the large amount of pre existing android games.
I think we all may all be pleasantly surprised at just how successful this unit will be . Minimal development expense as opposed to the consoles and of course anyone with a console can develop a game themselves. Great for independents and real techheads


cftbla posted a reply   

Why do you hope this fails? What possible motive do you have to take pleasure out of things not going well?

If it does fail, there will be no real change to a, in my opinion, stagnant and boring market. If it doesn't, there's another interesting, open option out there for game developers, at a cheaper price point that's accessible to all parties. You forget that every "big game studio" started out small, and this platform will make it easier for them. The best, most compelling games I've ever played are from small, independent outlets.

I hope it goes brilliantly, personally. I applaud them for having the guts to try something this new. Should be fun. There are 40,000 people who have dropped cash for it, and also think so.

Screw you, man.


Adam86 posted a reply   

Totally agree. I hope this goes well.

I've put in my pre-order!!!


ChristopherP1 posted a reply   

I know you are probably incapable of thinking negative thoughts and believe that they serve no purpose but ADSLNerd's pessimism is well founded. Keep in mind throughout this that a bad idea with good intentions is still a bad idea and shouldn't be acted on.

It isn't even about indie developers. I fully agree that indei developers could use some help most of my favorite games come from indie developers too but this isn't how you help them. Ouya was made to abuse peoples ignorance and score as much cash as they could. As was said before android is a horrible thing to try to base games on, yes it works for mobile game but it is a horrible choice for anything else. Remember this is a console too, mobile games get away with a lot because they are ways to spend time waiting in line but this is a console. Building a gaming console off android is like building a tv based on the software that runs you microwave, wether it is possible or not it is a horrible choice which just goes to imply that it was chosen to simply cash in on the fact that "android" is buzzword that they know will resonate with geeks.

People say that those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I don't like that phrase because foresight is more useful than having to experience failure firsthand to learn about potential mistakes but for those without foresight let this crash and seen as the mistake they can learn from.


AlexV1 posted a comment   

It was so tempting to put in for one of these, especially when the limited edition metallic brown was unveiled.....I hope it all works out well for the Ouya though.

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