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  • Best first-person shooter games

    Best first-person shooter games

    For the elite gamer nothing beats a first-person shooter. Whether battling alien hordes or human armies, there's something for everyone who wants to pick up a gun and fight (digitally, of course). 21

  • Best portable MP3 players

    Best portable MP3 players

    Gone are the days when the portable MP3 player was only about music. These days they can do everything from record home movies to port data. From the most basic to the complex, here are our favourite MP3 players this year. 3

  • Best in-car Bluetooth hands-free kits

    Best in-car Bluetooth hands-free kits

    It's illegal to hold a mobile phone and drive; we pick the best Bluetooth hands-free car kits, so you can inform friends that you'll be late or chat about what so-and-so is doing with you-know-who and not be nabbed by the boys and gals in blue. 7

  • Best portable GPS navigators

    Best portable GPS navigators

    All brand name GPS units will get you safely from A to B, but some do it better than others. We nominate a clutch of navigators we'd junk our Gregory's or Melway for. 46

  • Best DS games

    Best DS games

    With the new Nintendo DSi out this year, a whole raft of new and innovative DS games have followed. Here is our pick of the best. 3

  • Best Wii games

    Best Wii games

    You've got to hand it to Nintendo. The company keeps pumping out Wii titles that break new ground and expand the gaming experience. So which games should you buy for this family-friendly console? 54

  • Best PlayStation 3 games

    Best PlayStation 3 games

    With its Blu-ray and music features, Sony loves to spruik the PlayStation 3 as a multi-purpose home theatre centre, but face it, you wouldn't have one if you didn't want to play games. Here's our pick of the best. 12

  • Best Xbox 360 games

    Best Xbox 360 games

    Microsoft's Xbox 360 is available in several different configurations to suit most budgets. But which games should you spend your money on? Check out our favourite titles below. 31

  • Best role-playing games

    Best role-playing games

    If you live to battle with thousands of fellow warriors, then you're an RPG fan. A genre most at home on the PC, role-playing games are sneaking on to consoles as well, giving fantasy fans of all kinds something to get excited about. 8

  • Best budget camcorders

    Best budget camcorders

    A budget camcorder is not without its compromises, but these camcorders should satisfy most casual videographers out there. 1

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