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  • Olympus Pen E-P5

    Olympus Pen E-P5

    CNET Rating8.6

    This impressive Pen camera from Olympus comes with built-in Wi-Fi, an appealing design and generally snappy performance to satisfy photographers who crave speed.

  • Nikon D7100

    Nikon D7100

    CNET Rating8.6
    User Rating8.5

    Offering an attractive combination of performance and usability, the D7100 is a proficient SLR that caters for plenty of different photographers. 4

  • Ricoh GR

    Ricoh GR

    CNET Rating8.5

    Ricoh is prepared to take on the big players with the APS-C powered GR camera, offering image quality and customisation in spades.

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    CNET Rating8.9

    2K Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown has finally seen its iOS release in a humans versus aliens battle for the Earth.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3

    CNET Rating8.5

    Offering a robust shooting design and features to suit indie film-makers and photographers alike, the Panasonic GH3 is an excellent device that fully realises the potential of interchangeable lens cameras. 2

  • Samsung Series 8 55-inch F8000

    Samsung Series 8 55-inch F8000

    CNET Rating9.1

    Samsung's flagship smart TV features a slim, stylish design, plus impressive software functions like natural voice recognition and gesture controls. 2

  • Nikon Coolpix A

    Nikon Coolpix A

    CNET Rating8.4

    With the same-sized sensor as a digital SLR, it's no surprise that the Coolpix A smashes image quality out of the park, with a sharp lens and excellent optical performance. 2

  • HTC One

    HTC One

    CNET Rating8.8
    User Rating10.0

    A few quibbles notwithstanding, the powerhouse HTC One is a beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone. 21

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S4

    CNET Rating9.0
    User Rating9.0

    Its long list of features requires time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone. 17

  • Bioshock Infinite

    Bioshock Infinite

    CNET Rating9.2

    Bioshock Infinite is an excellent addition to the Bioshock canon, a game that is both thought provoking and fun to play.

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