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  • Best 802.11ac wireless routers

    Best 802.11ac wireless routers

    802.11ac is still awaiting final ratification, but if you're eager to dive in and grab a wireless router at the cutting edge, we've seen a few that are worth a look. 2

  • Top 10 wireless modem/routers

    Top 10 wireless modem/routers

    Need an ADSL2+ modem/router with wireless built in? Here are our top 10 picks out of the units we've seen so far. 137

  • Best 3G wireless broadband modems

    Best 3G wireless broadband modems

    We're moving up and beyond 3G today, testing the latest mobile broadband hardware on the best 3G and 4G networks Australia has to offer. 29

  • Best laptops under $1000

    Best laptops under $1000

    You've got AU$1000 burning a hole in your pocket and you're itching for a new laptop — which should you go for? 17

  • Best pro cameras

    Best pro cameras

    Professional photographers demand a lot from their equipment. From sports, weddings and everything in-between, here are our top picks for the serious photo-taker.

  • Best media-centre streamers

    Best media-centre streamers

    A media streamer should be a core component of any home-cinema set-up. Here are some devices that will definitely fit the bill. 12

  • Best budget cameras under AU$300

    Best budget cameras under AU$300

    Need a cheap camera? Never fear; we have you covered with the best models you can buy for under AU$300. 12

  • Best receivers under $1500

    Best receivers under $1500

    A/V receivers are the central hub of any home-theatre system, so we've rounded up the best receivers available for under AU$1500. 10

  • Best superzoom cameras

    Best superzoom cameras

    Getting up close and personal to your photographic subject has never been easier. We pick from the best superzoom cameras on the market today. 14

  • Best action and sports cameras

    Best action and sports cameras

    Who wins in a shoot-out between the sports cams? We pit the Sony Action Cam against the GoPro Hero2 and Contour+2.

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