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  • Top 5 business smartphones

    Top 5 business smartphones

    Want to work on the move, but don't want to lug around a laptop? You'll need a smartphone that lets you do email, open business documents and browse the web. 31

  • Top 5 phones for video

    Top 5 phones for video

    Making time to catch up with your favourite TV shows can be tough, but a video-capable mobile can help you make better use of that long commute to the office and home again. 23

  • Top smartphones for newbies

    Top smartphones for newbies

    If you're new to the world of smartphones, and you're looking for a gentle introduction to these powerful devices, here's a list of handsets that should make your transition somewhat easier. 18

  • 8 great high-end stereo loudspeakers

    8 great high-end stereo loudspeakers

    Many of us are content with the speakers built into our TVs and the headphones bundled with our mobile phones, but for those with an ear for sound, only the best will do and money is no object. 2

  • Top 5 phones for $29 per month

    Top 5 phones for $29 per month

    Can't decide which phone to get on an AU$29 per month contract? Check out our picks for the best-value phone in this price range. 35

  • Best USB-powered laptop speakers

    Best USB-powered laptop speakers

    If you find yourself listening to audio on your notebook computer for more than the briefest time, you'll soon appreciate the need for outboard speakers. 2

  • Top-rated products of March 2012

    Top-rated products of March 2012

    What products made it to the top of the testing heap last month? Cut to the chase with this round-up of the highest-rating products that we reviewed in March 2012. 1

  • Best home cinema projectors

    Best home cinema projectors

    A great projector is central to a real home cinema experience, but buying one isn't like choosing a new TV or computer monitor. We take you through what you need to know to select the best unit for you, plus collect our favourites into one handy buying guide.

  • Top portable storage devices

    Top portable storage devices

    If you're looking to transport data between PCs, you're going to need a portable storage solution. 6

  • Best NAS

    Best NAS

    So, you're not ready for rack-mount storage yet, but you need more than just an external hard drive to serve a few clients. It's time to look at Network Attached Storage (NAS). 2

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