Panasonic HC-X900M

The HC-X900M is an impressive high-end camcorder from Panasonic, but it doesn't warrant its steep asking price, given the raft of other excellent models available.

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User Reviews / Comments  Panasonic HC-X900M

  • CindyP1


    "it's nice.................but so delicate to carry."

  • RoyHessey


    "I have the 2010 version TM700 which is a phenomenal camcorder in terms of image quality. ( The best I have used ) but sadly the TM700 is "falling to bits" Within the first months the switch to chan..."

  • BenT


    "32GB Internal Memory?? I have the Panasonic HDC-HS700 with 240GB Internal memory AND SD card support for video. The image is superb. I recieve many remarks about the quality of the image and the 5...."

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