Panasonic offers BigPond Movies on selected devices

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Panasonic is expanding its IPTV offerings to include the popular BigPond video service across 10 of its products.

The BigPond Movies service will be available on select Panasonic devices
(Credit: Panasonic)

The company will offer the BigPond Movies library through its Viera Connect IPTV platform, across a small number of Blu-ray recorders, players and home theatre systems. The service will join a number of other IPTV-based applications, such as ABC's iView and Yahoo7's Plus7.

The selected Blu-ray recorders, players and home theatre systems are, as follows:

  • DMR-BWT820

  • DMR-BWT720

  • DMR-PWT520

  • DMR-HW220

  • DMP-BBT01

  • DMP-BDT320

  • DMP-BDT220

  • SC-BTT790

  • SC-BTT490

  • SC-BTT190

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signorebravo posted a comment   

Panasonic SLOW off the mark (or any mark). Samsung TV customers already have Foxtel to be added to their Smart TV offerings. SONY Bravia TV customers already have 4 catch up TV channels; ABC iView, Channel 7, Channel 10 and SBS ‘On Demand’. Panasonic only have 2; ABC iView and Channel 7. Panasonic customers have got short-changed; I hate to say but, SONY and Samsung customers are better off.

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