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The new Panasonic television range will include facial recognition features to let you set a personalised TV home screen.

Panasonic's VT60 plasma TV.
(Credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic is releasing 25 new LED and plasma TVs into the Australian market, with a focus on smart networking and personalisation.

The "My Home Screen" feature will appear on a number of the mid- to high-end TVs in Panasonic's range for 2013. The function uses either the built-in camera on the VT60 and WT60, or the optional Panasonic Skype camera.

Once set up, the user can open the home screen using the voice command "my home screen". The TV will then use face recognition software to identify the specific user.

The screens can be personalised, not just with IPTV apps such as Quickflix and BigPond movies, but with web information such as weather or calendar, and also an electronic program guide showing the users favourite shows.

The screens have a number of different templates to use, and live TV can be viewed on the home screen while other apps run.

My Home Screen is a core part of Panasonic's new direction for its panel range, with a focus on sharing media across multiple devices and customisable for multiple users within the household. This includes an updated version of its Swipe and Share software, allowing users to "flick" content from their mobile device to the TV screen via a wireless home network.

The first TVs with My Home Screen enabled will be on the market in the second week of May. The DT 60 series of LCD TVs will be available in screen sizes from 50-inches up to 65. The WT60 flagship will follow in June, as will the Plasma VT60.

A sample of the My Home Screen, showing IPTV apps, live TV and the EPG.
(Credit: Nic Healey/CNET)

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The Mechanic posted a comment   

well um , well sorry to burst your sometimes excellent journo bubble ( you have photograph the VT 60 in plasma form) , but the somewhat excellent ( tho still no where as good as any Pioneer plasma as it would cost JUST far too much to produce for Pana , according to PANAS CEO) will not in any way be released to the Australian market in any shape or form . Oh , by the way , are you aware that Pans is going to stop making plasma TVs this year ? And by the way , that is now official . Check it out , if you want .


Nic Healey posted a reply   

I'm a little unclear on what you're saying, but the Panasonic VT60 plasma TV will be in Australian stores in third week of June for $5499 for the 65-inch version and $3,499 for the 55-inch version.
There will also be models in the ST60 and S60 ranges available too.

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