Panasonic Viera Skype camera

The Panasonic TY-CC10W Skype camera is hardly an essential addition to your Viera plasma, but gives you one more way to talk to absent friends.

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  • jackjps



    "Bought the brand new Panasonic Plasma 3D 65" with the Panasonic web camera. I have cabled ethernet internet connection with Vieracast. The video does not work when calling or receiving from a Mac. ..."

  • Jupiter



    "As a long term user of skype, and an early adopter of Motorola's video calls, and Cisco conferencing, I gotta say that Apple's FaceTime seems to get Video calls just right (rather than pretending a..."

  • Moe's Input

    Moe's Input


    "Well, since I was completely uninformed about this product, I only knew that it was a camera that fits nicely with Panasonic Televisions. Even a gaze all over the box screamed "buy me, buy me!". ..."

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