Panasonic's 2009 TVs are leaner and greener

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Panasonic unveiled its newest television line-up which is thinner, "greener" and better performing at Cockatoo Island in Sydney yesterday.

The standout of the 2009 line-up is the new Z1 54-inch plasma, which features a one-inch thick chassis, 1080p wireless HDMI, and THX certification. The Z1 will be available in September with pricing yet to be announced.

For the first time, Panasonic is integrating LCDs and plasmas into each product line, with LCDs making up the smaller sizes up to 37 inches, and graduating to plasmas at the 42-, 46-, 50- and the new 54-inch sizes. Interestingly, no 65-inch screens were announced this year.

Highlights of the new ranges include models with half the power consumption of previous plasmas (the S10 series), high 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast, anti-reflective coatings for reduced eye strain, AVCHD playback as standard, and full 1080-line moving resolution — great for sport.

The full line-up includes the new flagship V10 series (without wireless) at 50 inches (plasma) and 37-inch (LCD); the G10 series at sizes between 32 and 50 inches; the "Eco" S10 series, including the TH-P42S10A; and the entry-level V10 series.

Look ma, no wires! The Z1 plasma and ZT1 home theatre system. (Credit: Panasonic)

In home theatre, the company also released its first fully wireless system, the 2.1-channel ZT1 (August 09) with slim, pole speakers and a subwoofer mounted into the base. It comes without a Blu-ray, but if you want an integrated unit then try the new SC-BT207W (AU$1869) which features wireless rear speakers.

The TVs and home theatre systems follow the release of the company's two new Blu-ray recorders, the DMR-BW750 and DMR-BW850, and two Blu-ray players: the DMP-BD60 and DMP-BD80 .

The first models from the X10 series are available now, while most televisions will be available from May though to August.

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JakeF23 posted a comment   

You need a Tesla coil to transmit wireless power. Not only is it noisy but it has the extra added bonus of smelling pretty bad. Basically, it stinks.


DavidB posted a comment   

Actually, there is such a thing as wireless power, they wouldn't have figured a way to make it commercially viable yet though!


Dave posted a comment   

with these new models will they do picture and picture? which is side by side picture and also if they do side by side can they do two hdmi picture and picture? this means you could effectively use a games console or set top box and watch tv via the inbuilt HD tuner.


ASIF posted a comment   

"first fully wireless system"
Wireless power? didnt think so


blackpointer posted a comment   

how much 50inch wireless?

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