Pandora delivers personalised station suggestions to iOS, Android

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Not sure what to listen to on Pandora? The internet radio service now gives you personalised recommendations in its mobile apps.

(Credit: Pandora)

Based on your listening preferences, Pandora will suggest new station ideas for you to discover in its iOS and Android apps. Up to six personalised artist stations are offered at any one time. The recommendations will be delivered in your station list.

"Music discovery has always been at the heart of the Pandora experience and we've spent the last thirteen years working on the most sophisticated music recommendation system ever created," said Pandora's chief scientist, Eric Bieschke.

Pandora currently boasts an active user base of 76.2 million monthly listeners, who in turn have provided 35 billion thumbs up or thumbs down on songs. All this voting data is used to help deliver a more accurate mix of recommendations to both Pandora's regular streaming model and its personalised station suggestions on mobile apps.

At the end of 2013, Pandora started to introduce visual and audio ads to Australian users to help subsidise the local service.

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