Paparazzo Light brings old-school flash to iPhone

Vintage footage of Hollywood stars show photographers snapping photos with their big, old-school flashes, mounted on large film cameras. Now, you can outfit your iPhone with a bit of that retro glamour.

Smile! You're on candid iPhone camera.
(Credit: Paparazzo Light)

The Paparazzo Light looks like a mini version of those shiny flash attachments. The heart of it is a 300-lumen LED that can be dialled up or down, from full brightness to zero. It has both photo and video modes to supply the right amount of light for the occasion.

The battery-powered add-on won't suck down your iPhone's juice. A Kickstarter pledge of US$45 will get you either a black or white version. If you want to look more authentic, then spring for the US$55 chrome version.

Currently, the Paparazzo supports the iPhone 4 and 4S, but there will be a new version that will work with the iPhone 5. The expected ship date, should the Kickstarter campaign be successful, is in January of 2013.

Once you get your Paparazzo, you'll want to be sure to dress the part. Pick up a fedora. Wear a suit and tie. Practice shouting, "Over here, Ms Monroe!"


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