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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Patients get medical check-ups using Kinect

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Medical patients in Basque Country will be able to receive ongoing outpatient care remotely with Teki, a medical monitoring system that uses Microsoft's Kinect.

Nearly 18 per cent of the 2 million inhabitants of the region are over 65 years of age, and the region has one of the highest longevity rates around the world. In order to provide medical care to the aging population, many of whom suffer chronic illness, the Basque Country Health System is looking at a more technologically advanced approach.

It has recently piloted Teki, a system developed by Accenture, whereby patients at home can receive follow-up care — by connecting to their doctors via a Microsoft Kinect, reducing the time spent in lengthy clinic visits and allowing patients to flag potential problems as soon as possible.

The system consists of a Kinect for assessing mobility, a wireless heart-rate monitor and a spirometer for measuring respiratory levels. The Kinect is hooked up to a television set and the internet, allowing the patient remote face-to-face time with the doctor.

The pilot has been in operation for a year now and has worked to reduce both hospital visits and costs by 7 per cent per patient. "The pilot in the Basque Country saved over US$55 million in its first year by eliminating 52,000 hospital visits," Accenture's Mark Knickreim told CNBC.


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premacy2003 posted a comment   

It is great to see technology actually having a positive impact, not just providing content consumption. From this video it seems that the relationship between Doctor and Patient is not replaced by technology but actually enhanced.

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