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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Pebble ruins Christmas

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(Credit: Pebble Technology)

To the shock of exactly no one, Pebble has announced that its E Ink watch will not be out in time for Christmas.

The Pebble watch closed out its Kickstarter campaign in May of this year, bringing in over US$10 million — more than 100 times its target of US$100,000. Even before the campaign ended, so much money was made that creator Eric Migicovsky started to get worried that supply would not be able to meet demand.

Since that time, the team had been beset with manufacturing issues as they scrambled to make enough Pebbles to fill orders.

Now, at the tail end of an update about what colours will be available (and announcing that the watch will be able to receive SMS messages), the Pebble team has advised customers that the watch will not ship in time for Christmas this year.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to ship out Pebble in time for the holidays. As a tiny act of compensation, we'd like to offer you this little holiday card. I know it's not a Pebble, but I do hope that you can tell from these updates that we're quickly moving towards the moment when Pebble will finally be on your wrist.

If you're feeling particularly waggish, we suppose you could fish a small stone out of a river bed to present the e-card with, but that's a little too close to a lump of coal. It's just salting the wound, really. And judging by the customer squabbling on the update, the wound cuts deep indeed.

We still love you, Pebble.

(Credit: Pebble Technology)

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