Pentax Photo Gallery treats you like a pro

Pentax's new Photo Gallery will showcase your work right alongside that of professional Pentax users.

A bit late to the party and wearing surprisingly Web 1.0 clothing, Pentax today launched its new Photo Gallery -- a place where your photography can see and be seen right along with the pros, but very much in an old-fashioned, lone surfer, gallery atmosphere.

The Gallery has a curator of sorts, and at least initially, posting is by her invitation only. You can solicit an invitation with an e-mail to, at which point she'll provide you with the magic log-in or gently turn you away and point you to Flickr or some other populist photo site. And the possibility of rejection -- a key nonmonetary differentiator between the amateur and the pro -- makes you feel like you're playing in the big leagues.

Being approved for posting, however, doesn't guarantee you can display anything you want; every image posted must be OK'd by the gatekeeper. However, once you've been approved, you can vote on other people's work for elevation to the Premiere Collection.

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