Perfect Picture: 4 steps to DIY TV calibration

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DVD Essentials

DVD Essentials

We've previously given you a video overview of what TV calibration is all about and the benefits of properly tuning the image of your display. In part two of our Picture Perfect guide, ISF professional Aaron Rigg of Avical Australia this time takes you step-by-step through the four main calibration settings that you can adjust yourself -- brightness, contrast, sharpness and colour.

To get the best results, we suggest you pick up a calibration disc called DVD Essentials. It's available from most home theatre equipment retailers for AU$29.95.

Watch Aaron's video below to see what each picture setting measures and how to adjust those settings on your television to get optimum results.

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bob posted a comment   



Pam Carroll posted a comment   

Hi 4X12, Aaron is referring to the fact that each device you connect to your TV should be calibrated -- and the settings locked down -- separately. A DVD recorder may transmit signals in a slightly different way to your Blu-ray player, depending on the make and model. So, your TV should have a different optimum calibration for everything you connect to it .


4x12 posted a comment   

In another clip he mentions that your dvd, blu-ray might also need some calibrating... does this video help with that also or just the tv ?


cdndave posted a comment   

Calibration is something you should absolutely do. TV's are shipped with settings that are optimized for performance under the bright lights of a display floor. With calibration you can get a much better image in your home. But dont pay $300 to best buy for something you can do yourself with a $30 DVD, or you likely own a THX certified dvd that contains test patterns in the extras menu.


Speed posted a comment   

If quatlity is important to you, then YES calibration is a must. I haven't look at the video demo, I am telling from my standards when I saw this topic. The DVD Essentails DVD


chuck posted a comment   

Can these settings improve the HD Image as well? Is calibration really nessisary?


big dog posted a comment   

circuit city only charges fifty bucks!!
If you bought a car and you wanted it to get better gas mileage wouldnt you buy the necessary parts to make it perform better?


skippy posted a comment   

This calibration talk is a load of bunk! just another way for stores and whoever to get 300 bucks on top of the 2K for the actual set. Spend that much for a tv, it better work fine without any "tweaking". Let's go buy a car then get a tune up within the first month of owning it....who's gonna do THAT?


Joe MacGillivray posted a comment   

Very informative video, thank you. A question. Why is the use of a colour filter only valid for a phosphor based display, not an LCD or RPTV?

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