Philips pulls out of television market

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Philips TV

It's the last lap for Philips TVs
in Australia

Philips has announced it is pulling out of the Australian market for televisions in December of this year, and will instead focus on health and beauty products.

Sarah Campbell Philips' manager of corporate communications said the company will continue selling associated products such as home theatre kits and iPod docks but is "looking at a distributor model".

Campbell refused to comment on how this would affect the sales of the new SoundBars designed specifically to complement Philips' TV range.

She said that costs associated with tailoring tuners specifically for Australia and New Zealand were behind the decision to discontinue sales.

Campbell added that the final TV shipment will be in October, and that Australia won't see any new models by the end of the year, including the anticipated follow-up to the Aurea.

"This announcement is in keeping with the company's strategic direction in pursuing a health and well-being focus," Campbell said.

Campbell said up to 40 people in Philips' consumer division will be affected by job cuts.

Times are tough in the industry, with Hitachi and Fujitsu also pulling out of the local market in the last year, and Pioneer recently announcing it was halting plasma production to focus on R&D.

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ceejay posted a comment   

We have had the exact same problem with our plasma and we had extended warranty and it is out of warranty by 5 months and philips dont want to know about it basically now it is at the stage where the actual tv works when it wants to work we paid $4,500 for a tv that has only lasted 3 abd 1/2 years so understand your frustration completely we also tell who ever will listen abd hopefully no will fall into the same trap.


Gemma D'Souza posted a comment   

Me and my family are highly disappointed with Philips TV manufacturers. We at one point thought Philips to be a reputed co., therefore chose to buy a Plasma TV 42" which worked fine only for a year and a half. To our atonishment a thick black line has appeared on the screen which divides the TV into 2 parts practically. On approaching the dealers we were told that the Panel was the problem and inorder to replace it, it would cost us the same amount that we originally purchased the TV that is about Kuwait Dinar 800 plus which is not a small amount by all means to an average working class family. So now we are left with this huge TV not knowing what to do. It was our bad luck that we had got a warranty for 1 yr only and it was 1 and a half year that this problem came up. We have lost all our trust in your brand forever and I do not hesitate to tell others my story so that the others may not be taken for a ride too. Its not a small amount that we could just discard the fact, its a big one !


nagacheski posted a comment   

Can we expect Philips TV under the skin of Funai that has plans to sell HDTVs in 2009, as in N.America?

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