Photo printing kiosks: Got what you paid for?

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Skip the queues

Kiosks may be convenient, but that doesn't mean everybody uses them quickly. In fact, the range of image adjustments can be a downright pain if the person in front of you insists on cropping and colour-correcting each of the 200 birthday party pictures they're printing.

Fortunately, the big chains offer online printing services for people who just want to get their prints and get out the door. It will cost a little more per print, but all you have to do is log on, upload your prints, then pick them up from your nearest store when you have a spare minute.

Here's where to go:

Big W*
Camera House
Harvey Norman

*Also offers massive prints in four sizes up to 92cm x 122cm

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stuart posted a comment   

there was no comments on what format the photos are required to be in? ie do they need to be in jpg, tiff, bmp etc?


Hammer11 posted a comment   

You comment about inks at the end of the piece which is funny because photolabs do not print your regular 4x6 on anything except true light sensitive photographic paper. The only difference is the exposure is done by laser rather than a lamp like anologue machines used to


tommie posted a comment   

Photo kiosks over 75,000 hits on our web site fro
sue we can fix your problem at pxi.


Sue Taffel posted a comment   

Bravo! This is obviously a larger version of something I discovered last year. Such a shame about the Agfa machine. It was by far the best value for money and quality. Here's a curly question: all machines add brown, presumably for 'richness'. How can I compensate for this so that grey stays grey?


barrie harrop posted a comment   

Try Kodak kiosk killer coming to Aust

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