Photos: Annoying hardware, a rogues' gallery

Hardware may be less 'in your face' than software, but it can still ruin your day. We've listed our main bugbears: let us know if you agree.

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dew posted a comment   

you gotta go to newegg and look under soft/hard! if you want decent power adapters!


pendragon74 posted a comment   

The N-different power adapters is one that really kills me. I'm looking at a table full of different adapters for phones (mobile and landline), printers, routers, screens, laptops.

All right already! We surrender! Just give us all a 5V 500 mA power supply, or auto-switching supply, that does everything.


callum posted a comment   

:) nice article, however I love my wireless mouse!

lol at the 33in1 card reader, that is defiantly ridiculous


me posted a comment   

Re: AC adapters - also - those 4-point and 6-point pwer boards you buy (to change one power socket into more) never have enough space between them to fit two AC adapters side by side.


Woo posted a comment   

Haha funny article, but sadly true. I loved the bit about the6 fingered mutants and them silly printers always trying to sell you ink!


samual posted a reply   

haha keep it up..........
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