Photos: Dissecting a dinosaur, the Commodore 64

Marvel at the machine that pioneered the person computer revolution; the Commodore 64. In this photo gallery we reveal the guts that gave the commodore 64 its glory.

In the early 1980s, the Commodore 64 was a very successful home personal computer. It not only played games, but also but also had word processing and a modem for downloading free and shareware applications. In many ways, the Commodore 64 was the pioneer of everything we take for granted in a personal computer world today.

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LOGAN posted a comment   



Forbin One posted a comment   

I still have several C-64s, a C-128, a Plus/4, an SX-64, at least one of every drive (except the MSD), RAM expansion cartridges, JiffyDOS-128, hundreds of floppy disks and cartridges, etc. My wife wants me to get rid of it all, but I won't! It represents a large portion of my childhood. While other kids were out getting into trouble, I was in my bedroom teaching myself how to program in 6510 Assembly Language or posting messages and chatting with the SysOp on a BBS at 300 baud!


Tom posted a comment   

Though I never owned this machine, I did have the awesome Commodore Amiga 500. Didn't upgrade from it until 1998 ;P


whyibother posted a comment   

Mine Still Works !!
I had to go back to it after I "upgraded" to Vista.

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