Photos: Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo's new DS Lite is thinner, lighter, and brighter than the original DS. It's available in Japan as of March 2, 2006, with a U.S. launch to follow later this year.

Nintendo iBoy
The newer, slimmer, and lighter Nintendo DS is strikingly similar in style to a certain other company's popular products (or, to be more specific, iProducts).

Read our First Take of the Nintendo DS Lite.

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Mikalia posted a comment   

I think that all nintendo DS R cool. I would like a blue one for christmas.


dark_imperial04 posted a comment   

i dont have diz latest type of GBG i have a lot of GBA and nentendo modelz... my last model now is nentendo SP.. i cant afford to have 1 a nentendo DS hu hu hu... ned sum work to have 1 pa.. ZzZ


hamiltonboy posted a comment   

cause my first one broke aswell.... i had it for 4/5 years lol


hamiltonboy posted a comment   

im getting a ds lite on friday i cant wait im so excited yay


randa loo laa posted a comment   

n i hav a realli k_e_W_L GAME lOl


randa loo laa posted a comment   

i luv mi DS lite its sooooo mad but i realli want a DS I for christmas LOL.....??


kristlyn411 posted a comment   

i want to have a dsi i only have a ds but im going to get a blue one for christmas


michael posted a comment   

i love my ds is the best


nelly posted a comment   

I love animal crossing


dsi lover posted a comment   

it is old mine broke so i got a dsi i love my dsi

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