Photos: The evolution of computers

Computing devices, from Blue Gene to the PlayStation, have come a long way in a hurry since the days of ENIAC.

Photos: The evolution of computers

1946: ENIAC
This computer, unfurled to scientists on Feb. 14, helped launch the computer revolution and the U.S. tech dominance for decades. Few suspected actually what those next 60 years would bring. The evolution of computing devices has come a long way since the days of ENIAC.

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parvathy babu posted a comment   

eniac is the brain of a computer genius


paru posted a comment   

give details


dulce posted a comment   

I want to know how computers have changed over time since the 1900's, and i want to SEE those pictures of the old computers.DUH... >:(


mickky posted a comment   



kevin posted a comment   

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1. Cut or draw pictures of early computing devices up to the modern
2. Sort it from the earliest to the modern.
3. Paste it on coupon bond.
4. On your cover: Write "The Evolution of Computers"
5. Also, write your name, grade and section


cristiane louise d. igpuara posted a comment   

give some summarize of history of com puter

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