Photos: Yahoo Widgets invade Samsung TVs

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enitor posted a comment   

I agree (strongly) with Michael: 3 Widgets (YouTube, AccuWeather, USA Today (WTF? In Oz?)) are hardly worthwhile. Apparently, there are plenty of Widgets on Yahoo – why are they not available in Oz?


Michael posted a comment   

Wouldnt it be great if we had more than 3 widgets to choose from in Australia - come on guys - lets get some more widgets in Australia!!!


Maurie10 posted a comment   

Unfortunately when down loaded, all I get is the message that Windows can't open this file. How do I open it Then?


James Ho posted a comment   

Pretty interesting to have widgets on a TV.


George A posted a reply   

got the Samsung LED at first I thought the wigets would be a waste. I was so wrong its so cool! I do hope they add google too and not just Yahoo. would like to see facebook and look at my calender. U-tube is great on 46"

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