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With the recent renaming of Adobe's online gallery and image-editing service from Photoshop Express to, the company has also announced the beta version of Mobile, an application designed to run on Windows Mobile handsets.

Oddly, the mobile version doesn't support image editing as we had expected, but it does help to organise pictures taken with your camera-phone and supports grid viewing, which is similar to what you get on digital cameras.

The online storage space has been bumped up from 2GB to 5GB and you'll have to register for it (don't worry, it's free). After registration, fire up the application on your phone, enter the log-in details and you'll have access to your online gallery, Adobe style. From there, you can retrieve or upload images to your account.

It may be some time before Photoshop-like image-editing tools are available on a mobile device, but at least we are getting somewhere with Mobile. The software is expected to be made available later this month. Click here to see if your device is compatible.

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NolaK posted a comment   

"Supported devices"? Surely if it runs Windows Mobile they are *ALL* supported? Having a limited list that reads like a sponsorship list makes me lose faith in Adobe. I'm looking forward to the product, but unless it is a freely downloadable .CAB and not packaged software that will only run on specific handsets, I won't be using it (and not only because I can't!). Adobe needs to learn from all the difficulties SymbianOS and "walled garden" apps - they have consistently failed. Open it up to people and you have a chance.

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