Photoshop guru leaves Adobe for Microsoft

Mark Hamburg, a programmer who worked on Photoshop since version 2.0 and helped lead development of the newer Photoshop Lightroom, has left Adobe Systems for a new job at Microsoft.

Mark Hamburg worked on Adobe Systems' Photoshop and Lightroom. Lightroom 2.0, in beta now, gets local editing abilities, shown above. (Credit: Adobe Systems)

Martin Evening, a Lightroom expert and author, reported Hamburg's new job on his blog Friday, saying Hamburg will be involved in user experience work. A Microsoft representative confirmed the new hire but didn't share further details.

Adobe praised Hamburg but said there are plenty of other programmers to carry the torch.

"Adobe has reaped tremendous benefit from the leadership of Mark Hamburg and his active role on both the Photoshop and Lightroom teams," the company said. "However, we are confident that the team he leaves behind are equally as talented and innovative. It is really their hard work and effort that has brought us great success with the launch of Lightroom, and it continues with the current Lightroom 2.0 beta."

Hamburg was named inventor of the year by the Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Law Association in 1999 and entered the National Association of Photoshop Professionals' Hall of Fame in 2003.

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BChau posted a comment   

Heavy? You must be kidding. The entire Lightroom installer is less than 50 MB. Boring? The software user interface is very unconventional. You may not like it but it can hardly be boring as nothing likes that comes out before. Canberra_photographer, do your research first before posting your comment like this. That would give you a bit more creditability.


canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Hm, moving from growing and prosperous Adobe to the software backwater Microsoft... they must be offering a good pay packet for him to essential commit career suicide. Though he did develop the heavy, boring and uninspired Adobe Lightroom so he should fit right in with the boys at Redmond.

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