Pink gifts for geeky girls

Looking for a gift to present your nerdy girlfriend, mother, wife or sister with this Christmas? CNET Australia's got you covered with these pink-themed geeky gifts for girls!

Girls can be geeks too, you know. Whether she's a gamer, a science nerd or a pop culture freak, we've got it sorted.

Ranging from fairy-floss pink to hot pink, and from low budget to large budget, you can't go wrong with these cool gifts.

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Stewyg posted a comment   

The PRS T2 is a step backward from the T1, if you can get your hands on a T1 do it! even if it is just because the buttons are better to press.


Elly MariaB posted a comment   

As a girl, I really don't care about the colour of my device. I'd prefer black actually. Maybe for the same reasons a guy would.
The only women I can think of who would really want something pink are non-geeks. As if anyone in-the-know would purchase something based on colour and not specs!

Anyone shopping out there - don't get some stupid pink thing for a girl solely because she's a girl. Find out whether it's appropriate first! Argh.


xxxxxy posted a reply   

1 ^ infinity


xxxxxy posted a reply   

Sorry, I meant +1^infinity. Some girls like pink, but why you would assume all girls do, or that geeky girls in particular like pink (I would have made completely the opposite assumption) I can't fathom!!!!!


trebor83 posted a reply   

I'd be intriuged to hear how they reconcile the idea of "Pink gifts for girls" with "the games industry is sexist".

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