Pioneer announces new plasmas; price increase

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(Credit: Pioneer)

Pioneer has announced two new plasmas on the same day it's revealed that its general manager will be leaving and overall pricing will be increasing.

Pioneer will be bringing in two new models this January in the form of the full-HD PDP-LX509A and PDP-C509A .

The PDP-LX509A is the 50-inch counterpart to the already-released PDP-LX609A Kuro, while the PDP-C509A is part of the company's new entry-level C-series.

Pioneer says the new range is better than the last due to improvements to video processing, improved filters for enhanced contrast in bright environments, exclusive cell structure for better blacks, and a new DVB tuner developed exclusively by Pioneer.

The PDP-LX509A will retail for AU$6,499 while the PDP-C509A will be available for AU$5,499.

Correspondingly, in line with a weak Australian dollar, prices for Pioneer's range are expected to increase as per below:

  • Plasma: 10 per cent
  • Blu-ray: 10 per cent
  • DVD: 4 per cent
  • DVD recorders: 10 per cent
  • Home Theatre: 15 per cent
  • Pro DJ: 11 per cent

Meanwhile, Tim O'Leary, general manager for the home electronics group, is leaving the company from 13 February of next month to go back to the heating and cooling industry.

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