Pizza Hut to give away 660 PS4s by the end of 2013

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If rumours are to be believed, the PlayStation 4 — which only launched today — has been so popular that many stores have been having a hard time finding units for retail.

The PizzaStation 4, with extra cheese.
(Credit: Sony; Pizzas image by Pogrebnoj-Alexandroff, CC BY 2.5)

Maybe we can blame Pizza Hut for that? The fast-food franchise will be giving away one PS4 "every hour on the hour" between 4pm AEDT, 3 December and 3am AEDT, 31 December: a total of 660 units.

Ordering a large pizza puts you in the draw, with that entry lasting for 24 hours (or, obviously, 24 draws). More detailed terms and conditions will be available on the Pizza Hut site when the competition begins.

According to the press release from Pizza Hut:

With most Australian retailers sold out of their PS4 stock until 2014, Pizza Hut is offering a chance for Australians to get their hands on one in time for Christmas.

So what would you prefer — a chance to win a PS4 when you eat pizza or 660 more units available on shelves before Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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GennaroR posted a comment   

I enjoy the Pizza's from Pizza Hut and my son and I but them often, I would dearly love to win a PS4 as I am a pensioner with a small income.
Happy New Year to you all out there in Pizza land celebrate the new year with great pizza's from Pizza Hut. Safe 2014


JamesL7 posted a comment   

if u look a large pizza cost like $12 per pizza and times the by how long pizza hut has the comp open for and boom YOUR WASTING YOUR MONEY !!!!


Emperor_Mittens posted a comment   

A chance to win can be better than having those units on shelves because although the PS4 is cheaper than the release of earlier systems, it's likely that it'll mean up to 660 people have the chance to get a PS4 for a much lower price than the inflated prices they're asking at the moment. Pizza Hut would have likely negotiated a good deal as well.

However, since the promotion runs through Christmas, not all, if any, will be actually receiving their PS4 in time for Christmas.

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