Plantronics BackBeat Go

The BackBeat Go headphone set is fine for use as a hands-free accessory, but we can't recommend it for music playback over cheaper, wired alternatives.

There are no sellers at the moment that carry this product.

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User Reviews / Comments  Plantronics BackBeat Go

  • JamesP12


    "Do I have weird ears or do these things just not fit very well? And if I have weird ears then why have none of the other headphones I've worn in my life ever given me the same problem? These guys c..."

  • SimonI



    "Sound quality is poor. My Galaxy Ace tone controls do not work over bluetooth (I understand this is a common problem with bluetooth) so I could not boost the bass which is definitely lacking. The s..."

  • JeremyD1


    "Probably also perfectly fine for listening to podcasts"

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