PlayStation Now brings backwards compatibility to the PS4

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Sony has announced a streaming service called PlayStation Now that will allow you to play a back catalog of PlayStation titles on your PS4, PS3, Vita and Bravia TV.

The lack of backwards compatibility in the new-generation gaming consoles has been something of a thorn in the side of gamers. At CES, Sony has announced that it will be addressing this problem — with a service that will allow the streaming of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and possibly PlayStation 1 titles to current Sony products.

Called PlayStation Now, it will allow you to either pay a subscription fee or a rental fee for each game you want to play (which means that, if you already have, say, Jak & Daxter in your game library, you will have to pay to play it on PlayStation Now). Games will stream in 720p and will be saved in the cloud, which means you can resume play on a different device.

The service comes through Sony's acquisition of cloud gaming service Gaikai in July 2012.

PlayStation Now will be supported on the PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita and 2014 Bravia televisions initially, and will be expanded to other platforms, such as the Xperia Z tablet line, in the future. At launch, only PlayStation 3 titles will be available to stream. Beta testing will begin in the US at the end of January, with a full roll-out occurring towards the middle of the year.

Pricing and full global availability is yet to be announced.

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DanF posted a comment   

Backwards compat. Would be nice. So i could sell my ps3. Lots of downloaded games on that which i dont want to lose.


AK CARTER 47 posted a comment   
United States

If Sony and Microsoft cared and still wanted their moneys worth release another console allowing for a hardive to be put so PS players and Xbox players can move their saved data to the new console and allow previous Gen games to be played then wala you make money and were happy


booboosix40 posted a comment   

I don't understand the hang up with backwards compatibility. The statistic with last gen was less then 5% of people even tried to play ps2 or xbox games in their ps3 or Xbox 360. The large majority don't care for it that is why the ps3 dropped it and neither the ps4 or Xbox one support it.


AndrewA4 posted a reply   

You're missing the point.. There a plenty of "ex Xbox faithfuls" that have now made the jump the Playstation. I'm sure that I'd be one of a few million that skipped PS3 altogether and are keen to sink our teeth into some of the wonderful exclusives that we have missed over the years.

The reason backwards compatibility was not supported in the new consoles, was to keep the price of manufatoring down, thus creating a more accessible/affordable console from day one.

Ultimately, releasing this service will persuade more people to buy playstation products= a much better product base/more exclusives/ cheaper deals, etc.. If for some strange reason, you're completely against this, then you can continue as you are and this will not affect you in even the slightest.


ThomasK2 posted a comment   

This is still a thorn in my side. I'm not going to pay a subscription to play games that I've already bought in the past. That's ludacris. It'd be cheaper just to buy another ps3 honestly.... *sigh*


DennisM3 posted a comment   

I would not consider this backwards capability. If it can't play the games you already own for PS3, then it's not backwards capable. All it is, is a streaming service for Ps games. It doesn't actually make the system backwards compatible.

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