PlayStation Plus now available on Vita

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Sony's handheld gaming device will be getting access to the PlayStation Plus subscription service from 21 November.

(Credit: Sony)

The PlayStation Vita is set for a software update on 21 November and the 2.00 system software will add the Plus subscription service to the handheld device.

If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber already, then the Vita version is available for free. The Instant Game Collection will add Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt to your library, and you'll get access to four games per month, plus discounts, exclusive content, online storage for game saves and more.

The Instant Game Collection across both PlayStation 3 and Vita will give owners a constant library of 14 games a month, with at least five of them new games.

PlayStation Plus is a paid subscription service — you can get 90 days for AU$19.95 or a full year for AU$69.95.

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