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One phrase you're going to start hearing a lot of from now on is IPTV or in its long form, Internet Protocol Television.

As it sounds, it is television content delivered through your internet connection. It's a concept that has been a long time coming, but it looks like 2010 is the year that it gains a foothold in Australia.

The advantage of IPTV is that you're not constrained by the handful of free-to-air channels and have access to potentially hundreds of channels from around the globe, including video sites such as YouTube. All of it is controllable with your remote control.

Until now, IPTV has been the domain of PCs, but several manufacturers have started putting it into set-top boxes and televisions.

Sony, for example, has just launched its Bravia Internet Video service which gives access to catch-up TV from SBS and Channel 7 on this year's LCD televisions. Owners of the PS3 are also able to access ABC's iView from the Xross Media Bar. But Sony's not the only one, with Panasonic, Samsung, TiVo and many others all introducing IPTV services through their upcoming products.

While IPTV means you have more flexibility in watching what you want when it suits you, it has one glaring potential disadvantage — it can quickly chew up your internet quota. You're going to have to keep a careful eye on your download limits, or else find IPTV content and services offered free of charge from your ISP.

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