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Touted to be safer, more energy efficient and longer lasting, are Xenon headlights worth the price premium? Derek Fung explains.

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xenon headlights suck posted a comment   

These headlights suck and always blind me...they should absolutely be banned.


shelly posted a comment   

I just bought a car with HID lighting and they really don't seem all that much brighter . I do notice they have a very straight and low cutoff line. There are several people that buy cheap HID kits and put them in lamp assemblies that where not designed for them and those are the ones that blind you! Not to mention burn up housings and wiring harness.


GV posted a comment   

These headlights are bad enough oncoming when the road is level. But they are too bright when the oncoming car hits a bump or approached on an incline or hump in the road. Of course it's too late to ban them but they should be banned. It gets worse as you get older but I shouldn't have to give up night driving at 60.


Bleurgh posted a comment   

They are NOT safe! I am so sick of being dazzled by these stupid, dangerous headlights! They should be illegal!

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