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Welcome to CNET Australia's new guide to pocket film-making. The Pocket Filmmaker will be showing you how to turn the smartphone in your pocket into a camera capable of shooting video projects that are worthy of sharing with family and friends, online and even with the judges of some of Australia's biggest short-film festivals.

Your host on this creative journey is Jason Van Genderen, winner of several short film-making awards, including at Tropfest NY, Tropfest Sydney, Aspen Shortsfest and even an IF Award. Jason's projects have been shot on the Nokia N95, Nokia N8 and Apple's iPhone. He recently took home first prize in the Telstra Mobile Masterpieces category of Tropfest Sydney for his film The 53rd Hour.

In this episode, Jason looks at detachable lens options that are suitable for all pocketable cameras, including stick-on wide, macro and fisheye lenses, and super-cheap polarising Jelly lenses. If you'd like to find examples of these lenses to add to your kit, your best bet would be to browse through the multitudes of options available on eBay.

This week's smartphone short film of the week is Dot, shot on a Nokia N8 by the team from Aardman Studios. Check it out below.

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JameJ posted a comment   

Nice,just order wide and macro lens from ebay for about $3.5


FrancoM posted a comment   

Thanks for sharing, Joseph. I really enjoyed the show and was impressed with the improvements provided by the lenses. Please could you share the name / model of the wide angle and macro combo lens? I'm about to purchase but want to be sure I get the best.Thanks again, Franco


ronCYA posted a reply   

Some common quality ones come from Photojojo, but unfortunately they only work on very tiny camera lenses like on iPhones. Measure the diameter of the 'ring' around your phone's camera- if it is smaller than 9.3mm then you may be in luck. A lot of phones also have a raised 'lip' that makes attaching magnetic rings difficult as well, so keep that in mind.They won't fit on any phones I have owned, but if you are an iPhone user they may be just the thing for you:http://photojojo.com/store/awesomeness/cell-phone-lenses/

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