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Want free Web surfing on an easy to use and speedy device? Then the PocketSurfer 2 is exactly not what you're looking for.

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There must be something about living in a really cold country (such as, say, Canada) that prompts geeks to fiddle around with data compression techniques. We're not just throwing that theory out randomly here; the world's best known compression company (when it comes to email), RIM, is based in Canada. Datawind, makers of the PocketSurfer 2, are similarly of a far North American bent, but their particular gig isn't optimal email delivery, but web page compression. Their entry product into the Australian market is the PocketSurfer 2, a slim fold out web terminal that fits into your pocket.

With its lid closed, the PocketSurfer2 somewhat resembles the newer, slimmer Playstation Portable console. It measures in at 15.24x7.56x1.52cm and weighs a scant 174 grams. Opening it up reveals an entirely flat keyboard with directional controls in the bottom right hand corner. Aside from a mini-USB terminal, hidden under a rubber flap -- presumably as something has to keep the snow out -- that's your lot for physical details.

The big hook with the AU$399 PocketSurfer 2 is the offer of free Internet access. How have Datawind managed this particular trick? Basically, they've taken a slow and cheap data technology -- GPRS -- and applied compression techniques to web pages to make them fit the PocketSurfer 2's display screen. Datawind's claim is that it can render web pages this way in under 7 seconds, which is faster than we'd expect out of a paltry GPRS connection -- especially when you consider that, like mail going through a Blackberry, data going to the PocketSurfer 2 has to route its way via Canada before it's presented to your eyes.

The PocketSurfer also includes an embedded email client and GPS functionality. The display is relatively low resolution at only 640x240. Datawind claims the battery life as being good for around 5 hours of surfing time or five days worth of standby time.

So far, so good -- we love the idea of a free Web service, especially in the data-constrained Australian broadband market. There's only one major fly in the ointment here -- actually using the PocketSurfer 2 is an exercise in testing your patience, or alternatively, your frustration levels.

Firstly, there's the keyboard. It's entirely flat, rather unresponsive, and uses a number of weird key conventions for Web surfing that take quite a while to become native responses. Then there's the low resolution screen, which, to put it politely, is going to send a lot of work to your optometrist if you stare at it for too long. Clearly, part of the speed caching that Datawind does is to strip out a lot of colour that the PocketSurfer 2 can't handle. Nice in theory, but the effect is to deliver web pages that look washed out, and text that is often far too small and simultaneously blurry to actually read.

Then there's the speed issue. Yes, the PocketSurfer 2 is quicker than you might expect a GPRS connection to be. It's just that unless you're surfing very popular pages, they've still got to be cached, and you can generally forget about getting sites in the claimed seven second time frame. Even when you do, we often found the PocketSurfer 2 -cheating", by only grabbing and rendering the first couple of screen depth's worth of content. Scroll down too far, and you've got to do the whole cache waiting dance again.

Finally, there's the issue of the definition of -free". Firstly, it's only -free" for the first year. Second up, it's only -free" for up to twenty hours per month. We can't imagine staring at the PocketSurfer 2 for twenty hours without starting to go blind, but even so, if you do want or need lots of access, you'll have to pay for it -- currently AU$9.99 for 50 hours or AU$19.99 for unlimited use. After the first year, the basic twenty hours package will cost you no more than AU$50/year. It's not that these are unreasonable basic data charges per se; it's just that there's a distance between what you might expect for -free" and what you actually get, and it's worth knowing that upfront.

Ultimately, the idea behind the PocketSurfer 2 is much better than the implementation. It works well enough in a basic GPRS sense, but the terrible screen, multi-page loading times and not-exactly-free structure make it a hard sell, especially as it's such a one-trick pony. For not much more money you could buy a much more capable Eee PC, or even a budget brand-name notebook PC.

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Vick posted a review   

Great device.
I use it all the time if I have to check out something quick without turning on my computer, or if I'm on the go and need to check my email or use GPS.
It really is a fast device and on the upside is free for 20 hours a month, which is more than adequate.

Of course you wouldn't be using something that's the size of a play station portable or a gameboy as your main computer terminal, and for that reason I have never surpassed the free internet limit


Chow posted a comment   

I have one for sale chow1551@gmail.com


Herman7 posted a review   

The Good:no contracts and no wires

The Bad:Cant play music

I think its great that there are no contracts and no wires. I saw a great site with all Pocket Surfer Reviews:


Gary posted a review   

The Good:Free 20 hours per month surfing with option to upgrade. Larger screen than any smart phone or pda. good battery life, Nice design, quicker than a smart phone or pda and easyer to use

The Bad:would have liked sound and video and a hd or sd card slot

Dont compare this to a PDA or PC, this is in a class of it's own, and does what it says it will do and very cheap to! where else are you going to get 20 hours free web access. all those people knocking this device because they cant use a keypad or it is to slow for them are exspecting a full blown pc for a mobile device for surfing this beat's them all

greg etheridge

greg etheridge posted a review   

The Good:real web, fast, free and anywhere

The Bad:no video or sound

the pocket surfer is very quick at processing internet pages! and is free!


jono posted a review   

The Good:fast, cool,small

The Bad:no usb, no sound, no internal memory/card slot

this thing is realy cool, fast pages n everything


Marty.Mots posted a review   

I bought one of these for Christmas from Dick Smith and it is quick. I use it for my e-mail and news mostly. Used the GPS when I got lost too. Faster than any phone I've ever used and the size is perfect. Just bought another for my son for his upcoming birthday. Would highly recommend.


al69616 posted a review   

Where can I buy?

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