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  • Music? Let me Google that for you

    Music? Let me Google that for you

    On this week's Pulse podcast, we blather aimlessly about Google Music, reveal that Spotify is coming to Australia and Joe talks his Skyrim addiction.

  • Flash in the pan

    Flash in the pan

    Good news for Googlers as we get Google+ Pages for business and eBooks, but bad news for Flash fiends as Adobe says bye-bye to mobile devices. 2

  • iPhone 4S batterygate

    iPhone 4S batterygate

    We discuss how to make the most of your iPhone 4S battery, look at the HDMI cable myth and check in with all the latest news. 2

  • Kaching! I'm in the money

    Kaching! I'm in the money

    NFC payment systems have finally hit Australia, with CommBank's Kaching crossing the line first. We also look at Zune Pass and music streaming services, and top it all off with the latest news.

  • The Nexus of dessert

    The Nexus of dessert

    The Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich finally get announced, the PlayStation Vita gets pricing and Motorola's Razr makes a comeback. 2

  • In a Galaxy far, far away

    In a Galaxy far, far away

    Samsung offers $2 phones to Aussies, unveils its new music-streaming service and, perhaps, shows off the Galaxy S III. Plus, we farewell Steve Jobs. 1

  • iPhone this one in

    iPhone this one in

    We hand down our verdict on the iPhone 4S, inspect the Amazon Kindle Fire and run through this week's news on the podcast.

  • We'll take 4G, please

    We'll take 4G, please

    Telstra switches on the big pipe, launching its 4G Long-Term Evolution mobile network, plus Apple versus Samsung once more in the news.

  • Google for the people

    Google for the people

    On the podcast this week, it's Nikon's baby cameras, Google+ to the masses and home appliances. Yes, we talk about irons, and we promise it's fun.

  • Gary's last stand

    Gary's last stand

    We say auf wiedersehen and goodbye to Ty as he makes his way across the Pacific. We also look at grey market products and our first impressions of Windows 8. 2

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