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  • Return of the droids

    Return of the droids

    This week, we speak with the supervising sound editor on the Star Wars Blu-ray release, as well as wrapping up all of the developments from IFA in Berlin.

  • The new guard

    The new guard

    We're making two new welcomes in one week! First, Apple gets a new CEO and we get a new editor. Plus, has Vodafone's coverage improved?

  • TouchPad mania

    TouchPad mania

    Did you get your hands on an HP TouchPad earlier this week? In this podcast, we discuss the last days of the tablet, and the Android vs. iOS war in Australia. 12

  • How much would you expect to pay?

    How much would you expect to pay?

    We look at the Google takeover of Motorola, ask how much is "too much" for a PlayStation "monitor" with no PlayStation, and examine the latest in the Apple vs. Samsung war.

  • Running riot

    Running riot

    Social media is to blame for just about everything, according to the media. We look at the London riots, JB Hi-Fi's cloud music service and this week's top stories.

  • Bad idea, Zuckerberg

    Bad idea, Zuckerberg

    When Facebook does something silly, we've got one thing to say: bad idea, Zuckerberg! Plus, our take on the Apple vs. Samsung smackdown. 3

  • Taking a slice of the pie

    Taking a slice of the pie

    We discuss the hot topics from the past week, including the R18+ classification decision and the ongoing ebook war.

  • Streaming from our hangout

    Streaming from our hangout

    Google+ is the name on everyone's lips, so from the official app to hanging out with the CNET crew, we've got it covered. Plus, music streaming and public transport wish lists.

  • Who you gonna call?

    Who you gonna call?

    From tired old video shop jingles to internet service providers acting as copyright cops, this week's podcast has it all.

  • Hangout in our Circle

    Hangout in our Circle

    Google+, Facebook's new competitor, is the name on everyone's lips; we discuss our first week living with the social network and answer your questions about it. 7

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