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  • I can't get no (tech) satisfaction

    I can't get no (tech) satisfaction

    On the podcast this week we're indulging ourselves yet again by discussing the things we hate the most ... about how other people use their tech. Plus, the connected home and the news round-up. 1

  • The New Sensation

    The New Sensation

    On this week's episode we discuss the next Android sensation, er, the HTC Sensation, gossip about Apple rumour mongering, and ask where the best place to buy e-books is. 1

  • The smarties have landed

    The smarties have landed

    This week the first Smart TV lands in Australia and we get our paws on it, plus we pick and choose wish-list items for our gadgets. 4

  • The one where we help Gary

    The one where we help Gary

    What happens when a member of the CNET team can't decide what shiny new gadget to buy? Well, we try and help them. That, and our discussion on mobile gaming. 1

  • Chickens in space!

    Chickens in space!

    On the eve of the Apple iPad 2 launch we pit it against Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1, and ask how you get your music: is BitTorrent your friend?

  • The kids of today

    The kids of today

    This week we invite 200,000 people to our party, get even with the bully, capture it on our AU$100 smartphones and then shred on our guitars. 2

  • Doing it on the cheap

    Doing it on the cheap

    We're pinching our pennies and sharing some of our tips on cheap upgrades for your existing gadgets, looking at Vodafone's woes with a new interactive map of base station coverage and check out what's new in digital TV.

  • iPad 2: the reckoning

    iPad 2: the reckoning

    The iPad 2 is unveiled and we deliver our verdict, plus we ask if you would buy green and show you how to stream music around your house. 1

  • The bionic podcast

    The bionic podcast

    This podcast is brought to you by new developments in Aussie tech research, like the bionic eye and GiFi. Plus we recap the tablet bonanza and talk electric cars.

  • The phones that ate Barcelona

    The phones that ate Barcelona

    On this week's podcast we look at the latest phones and tablets to come out of MWC in Spain and mourn the passing of one of our favourite gaming franchises.

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