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  • The OzSpot #14: Xbox Live is dead to us

    Welcome to the first OzSpot of 2008! In this edition, we talk Blu-ray vs HD DVD, go through GameSpot's best games for 2007, complain about Xbox Live outtages, and much more.

  • The OzSpot #13: A look back at 2007

    In this last podcast for 2007, Randy, Dan, Koz, and special guest star Dave recap the year's biggest Aussie game news stories, as well as chat about the recent demise of Aussie studio Auran.

  • The OzSpot #12: We will rock you

    This week, Dan, Koz, and Randy discuss the big Activision/Vivendi merger, dismember the Soldier of Fortune 2 "unbanning", wonder when the PS3 will hit 200,000 sales in Australia, and chat about the latest games.

  • The OzSpot #11: Vote 1 gaming

    Listen as Randolph, Dan and Koz debate and discuss the burning issues, including PS3 sales in Australia, give you some hands-on impressions of The Darkness and More Brain Training, and much more.

  • The OzSpot #10: Guitar Hero III pros and cons

    In this new OzSpot, we chat to Xbox Australia head David McLean about cheaper 360s, break down the pros and cons of Guitar Hero III, take a spin on WipeOut Pulse, take the adventurous path with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and talk way too much Simpsons. Plus we give away our very first GameSpot AU emblem. The OzSpot -- now with 70 percent more union members!

  • The OzSpot #9: Won't somebody think of the children!

    In this latest OzSpot, GameSpot AU gets angry about game bans in Australia, talk to Sony Australia head Michael Ephraim about copping flak from gamers, hit the dirt with MX vs ATV Untamed, and talk about firing monkeys out of cannons. Plus a brand new competition!

  • The OzSpot #8: Govt snubs gaming industry

    In this new OzSpot episode, GameSpot AU's crew talks about the 40GB PS3, gets political with Federal Government's snub of the local industry, breaks down Eye of Judgment and Table Tennis Wii, and more. Be warned -- Halo 3 spoilers also lurk within!

  • The OzSpot #7: Tokyo Games Show

    Welcome to another week of The OzSpot. In this week's edition, we talk about the Tokyo Games Show, cosplay, and fighting insects. Plus, we also talk about the recent launch of a little game called Halo 3.

  • The OzSpot #6: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 vs FIFA Soccer 08

    The latest OzSpot is finally here! In this edition Randy, Dan and Koz chat about Skate, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, FIFA Soccer 08, buying friendship with chocolate coins, current topics on the forum and more!

  • The OzSpot #5: Xbox 360 price cuts, Slash in Guitar Hero III

    It's OzSpot time again! Listen as Dan, James, and Randolph talk about the Xbox 360 price cut down under, Leipzig vs E3, taking on Slash in Guitar Hero III, playing music on a DS, and much more!

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