• The Bear Grylls edition

    The Bear Grylls edition

    With the end of financial year upon us, we get happy with some phone survival stories and wrap up this week's news.

  • We three aMeeGos

    We three aMeeGos

    Joe delivers all the handset news from Communicasia and we get down and dirty with storage and backup options.

  • This battery life

    This battery life

    Is your battery usage a matter of life and death? Also on the agenda is our thoughts on Facebook's decline and we preview Australia's biggest photography expo.

  • Wii like U, Vita

    Wii like U, Vita

    We chat about the verdict from WWDC, and the PlayStation Vita vies for our attention over the Nintendo Wii U.

  • Smell-o-cast


    Would you give up your sense of smell just to hold on to your precious tech? Apparently a bunch of teenagers would. 1

  • Lost in the third dimension

    Lost in the third dimension

    It's official: 3D has jumped the shark. We're picking up the pieces and answering your questions on the podcast. 4

  • Super tubes and PSN blues

    Super tubes and PSN blues

    Now the PlayStation Network (PSN) is back in business, are gamers happy? On the podcast this week we also look at product placement and wish we were one of the seven lucky customers to get the National Broadband Network (NBN). 3

  • The leather-bound edition

    The leather-bound edition

    Everything looks better in leather, including an AU$200,000 car with a special ventilation system. What are we talking about? You'll just have to listen to this week's podcast.

  • A world of BlackBerrys

    A world of BlackBerrys

    On this week's show we visit the home of BlackBerrys, look at the rise of the ebook and ask if you'd go without food to keep your mobile phone for a day. 2

  • Down and PSN out

    Down and PSN out

    On this week's Pulse podcast the big news of the day is, of course, the PSN outage. We've all been h4x0r3d!

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