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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Polaroid rig brings The Matrix to life

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Lexy spent her formative years taking a lot of photos and dreaming in technicolour. Nothing much has changed now she's covering all things photography related for CNET.

(Credit: Sam Blanchard)

Creating your own bullet time photos, as seen in films like The Matrix, may seem out of reach for the average photographer, but this rig brings a touch of analog DIY love to the technique.

Artist Sam Blanchard has mounted 20 One-Step Polaroid 600 cameras to a giant circular tube, which fire simultaneously to produce instant prints. Blanchard then creates a flip book with each print placed sequentially one after the other to create the illusion of movement, just like you see in the movies. The cameras can also be oriented outwards to create 360-degree panoramas.

What does he call this contraption? The Polaroid Matrix, of course. The rig was most recently seen at Maker Faire in New York. See the rig in action in the video below.


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