Police to use national warning system

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Mark posted a comment   

Motify is an advanced product that does this already but the government spent $15 mill on their own basic system. There are no privcy concerns with Motify as ant_twax raises; you simply turn it on & off when it suits you.


kwv posted a comment   

ant-twax, did you do much research on the proposed system before you came up with scare mongering comments that the media especially Today Tonight and A Current Affair are experts in?

But if you are not happy to having government agencies knowing where you were at a certain time, then don't use your medicare card, your drivers licence, your tax file number, rates notices etc etc

In other words throw anything in your wallet, bag, purse, house and car away.


ant_twax posted a comment   

im not to happy having government agencies knowing where i was at a certain time i think that this should only be used for bush fires and natural disasters ONLY. Every one brakes the rules at work so if police have access to this information they are going to use it without you knowing to prove that you were in the area then find some other evidence that they would not have found otherwise look i'm all for do the crime do the time but come on. i know people are going to say "well if your mum was murdered wouldn't you like the cops to find the person " yes but still i dont feel comfortable giving police that sort of info people abuse it

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