Poll: do you like piano black products?

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Enough is enough. After having unwrapped our -- give or take -- one millionth gadget which features a piano black finish, we have decided to take a stand. Do people actually want this finish or not?

Does piano black give you the irrits or do you think it's grouse?

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We've seen phones, iPod docks, televisions, keyboards, cameras and everything else designed to be touched come in this hard-to-keep-clean finish. When reviewing the HP Verve laptop, Associate Editor Craig Simms was quoted as saying: "#$%& %@^ %&^@#%^&@".

But it doesn't have to be this way.

We're taking it to the polls! Have your say. Does piano black give you the irrits like it does us -- with it's inability to stay clean and its tendency to scratch -- or do you think it's the best thing since café-sliced raisin bread?

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clyde95 posted a comment   

Piano looks very elegent, sharp and sophisticated. But its just finger print and scratch heaven!!!


Xaviar posted a comment   

I have a dream ... that one day devices will be judged for their content and their capabilities, and not for the colour of their casing. What a waste of an article.


Cankles posted a comment   

Whatever happened to the wood finish? Bring back pine!


dan_rox77 posted a comment   

I have a piano black PSP Lite and it has fingerprints all over it... and the worst thing is you can always see it! I really wanted a Silver PSP but the damn things are only sold in Asia..dammit!
Hmph - looks like piano black is the new iPod white! By the way, when are they gonna release a new iPod - with the oh-so-original color: piano black?


Dorian posted a comment   

Piano Black, should have only be meant for pianos, Nothing More! Piano Black is TERRIBLE!!!


Brennanc posted a comment   

I love the picture of the piano and then the caption down the bottom... that made me laugh... oh yeah i really like piano black stuff too


peon420 posted a comment   

It can be a little annoying on frequently handled devices like a phone. But on things like my TV, PC monitor, printer and even my USB drive, I love it.

I know you guys at CNET love your tech toys but stop touching stuff so much...


canberra_photographer posted a comment   

Ok, that was harsh. I have many products in piano-black. Wonderful, and aside from dust, which gets on everything regardless of colour, it never gets dirty. I can use some of them in my hand all day and it looks fine. I'm no clean freak, but if these products are getting so dirty so often, perhaps it's the user.

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