Poll: do you still buy video games from Australian stores?

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Last week saw 20 per cent off games from JB Hi-Fi, 50 per cent off games from Harvey Norman and a largely abortive attempt at a mega-sale at Dick Smith.

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Do you still buy video games from Australian stores?

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Sure, they're end of quarter sales, but it's deep discounting to a degree that we're not used to seeing in Australia. Add in extra pressure from quasi-local players like Harvey Norman's grey import site, a UK store that's targeted at Australians, some decent prices from New Zealand-based MightyApe and things only get more interesting.

The strength of the Australian dollar is likely the biggest culprit and effector of change; importing from the likes of Zavvi, Play-Asia and Amazon, let alone engaging in digital distribution services like Steam, Green Man Gaming, Get Games, GamersGate, GoG.com and countless more, has made gaming as a hobby cheaper than ever, applying considerable pressure to the local market.

It looks like we've seen the vanguard of local retail fighting back, with some successes, some failures. Will it win your business? Vote in the poll on the right.

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EesK posted a comment   

Well if you want to play Multi Player you have to buy Australian for the DLC. Other wise you won't be able to access it. I paid $120. For my Hard on Edition of MW3 which includes Elite. But then I'm a hardcore gamer :-)


Raule posted a comment   

I really want to support local, because we will miss them [and their service] if they close down - and I do [or would buy more] if they are within 15%, even 20% of OS prices. Sadly most times they are not.
. . . But *how can they justify* : MW3 for $98 when I can get it from Amazon for $39 say $7 delivery = even with delivery, that is less then half price. Its the same with Skyrim and Battlefield 3. I can get them for less then half the local RPrice - and that's delivered.

They complain about the GST, that is only 10% - the issue is their greed.

There is a neg; you have to wait approx 10 days
[FYI my experience is 3 titles is approx $20 - $22]


BenR5 posted a comment   

Well, lets see. Mass Effect 3 at EB: $108. At OzGameShop.com: $60.

Sure I had to wait 6 working days for my copy to arrive, but to save $48 (45%) it was worth the wait.


AlexV1 posted a comment   

OZgameshop is the best place to buy, generally i find even for preorders that are usually atleast 30% cheaper.
As for the Dick Smith "sale" unless you were staff chances are you didn't get anything


lox429 posted a comment   

Ozgameshop or EB for preorders if decent content is packaged with the game.


TomH4 posted a comment   

ozgameshop is where i get almost all my games, i do occasionally preorder some of my favourites from jb/eb. The harvey norman sale was nice though, but the dicksmith sale was almost non-existant unless you were at the store at opening.

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