Poll: Facebook not as trustworthy as Amazon, Google?

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Do you trust Facebook with your personal details? A new poll suggests that only one third of internet users are comfortable with how Facebook uses their information to serve targeted ads.

Which site do you trust more with your personal information?

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The study was conducted by Harris Interactive, with an admittedly-small sample size of 2262 US adults, according to The Washington Post.

While only 33 per cent of respondents said that they were comfortable with the way Facebook used their personal information to help deliver more personalised ads, 66 per cent said that they were happy with how Amazon used information on their purchases to recommend products.

Google was in the middle on the trust scale, with 41 per cent saying that they were comfortable with how the search giant used information from previous searches to serve information.

The poll was not just restricted to internet companies, but also covered grocery stores and mobile carriers.

Which site do you trust more with your personal information when it comes to targeting ads or services? Vote in our poll to the right.

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