Poll: Will you buy an Apple iPad?

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Will you buy an Apple iPad?

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Apple has unleashed its newest creation, the iPad — part media player, web browser, image viewer, ebook reader, giant iPod Touch — it could potentially change the way we consume media.

While its iBook store and the publisher support is certainly impressive, if you find extended reading on an LCD screen gives you eye strain already this won't change your mind; you're better off sticking to the Kindle's persistent E Ink screen, which will also give you considerably longer battery life.

Of course, the Kindle's not colour, and the iPad's significantly more than just a glorified ebook reader; the potential of the device through software could be huge. It's certainly impressive as a portable movie player, although that 4:3 aspect ratio grinds, and we'd imagine your arms would eventually get tired from having to hold it up (it's five times heavier than an iPhone). That or you'd slowly ruin your posture from having to leave it in your lap while watching.

The accessories are neat though and could easily make this a non-issue, and Stephen Fry seems to like it quite a bit too.

So the question is: will you buy one, and why? Leave your comments below.

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Antinokia posted a comment   

The problem with waiting for the next generation iPad is that what if it is bad or not even worth it? The latest iPod touch (3g) was a disappointment and added no new features. It could even be bad! The software may crash a lot or the iPad may be a flop. I suggest because this latest one seems to work buy it now, get software updates over time and if you want the next gen. then buy it if you must.


prd posted a comment   

why would u buy this for games, if there any thing like the iphone u will be board of them after a day.
it will be just as limited as the iphone.
its not wide screen, so it will suck for movies.
how are u meant the type on it? are u meant to put it on your lap or just type with one hand as u hold it.
i could on on for ages bout how it would suck.


Lazybones posted a comment   

A product for the sake of making a product. What is this thing useful for exactly?

1) Internet? With no flash that runs on 75% of websites. Yeah great experience.

2) Games, most of us play games on large 40"+ LCD/Plasma displays for the utimate in gaming experience. Why bother with a 10"??

3) Office applications? Without a proper built in keyboard, are you kidding me.

4) Looking a photos? Tick.

5) Reading books? I doubt such a low (dpi) screen would be good for reading. 1/2 a Tick.

So there you have it. Its a great digital photo frame. That you might do some reading on ... Whoo hoo.


Hasz posted a reply   

1. Where did you get 75% data???
2. Most of us? can u bring your 40" plasma in your bag?
3. Whatever...who care about office applications
4. Agree
5. Low dpi??? u should own an iPad
Don't hate it if you can't afford


mrmoo posted a comment   

For me i dont need a camera or anything like that (cause i have a much better camera) so i think it is a really good product, the games bit looks really fun, and all the apps look good, the only problem is is the multitasking and no usb or flash, thats a bit of a let down, but if you by a speced up ipod touch it would cost around the same so i would buy an ipad


S J M posted a comment   

The functionality of the iPad is far to limited. Wait till 2nd gen


ironlung posted a comment   

enough with the ipad already. it's not even out. no one really knows what it does. it's all just speculation. if it's useful people will buy.


Lola posted a comment   

Who cares about flash? HTML5 will replace it eventually.


pull your pants up posted a comment   
United States

I am not buying a oversized ipod touch. A netbook is way better.
This thing doesnt even have flash. I could get a netbook for $300.00. Ill wait til they have flash.

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