Pozible launches self-hosted crowdfunding

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Creators who wish to host their crowdfunding campaigns on their own websites can now use the Pozible platform to do so.

(Credit: Pozible)

Rather than have your project on its dedicated crowdfunding website, Pozible has now made it possible to host your crowdfunding venture wherever you wish using the Pozible platform, thanks to its new self-hosting feature.

This feature, Pozible said, makes it possible to control the look, feel, branding and even traffic of your crowdfunding venture, without users having to sign up to Pozible in order to pledge funds.

"Central to Pozible's success is been our willingness to innovate and push the crowdfunding model in new and different directions," said Pozible director Alan Crabb. "Accepting Bitcoin, subscription-based crowdfunding, matched funding and our Ambassador network are all additions we are very proud. We are excited to add self-hosted crowdfunding to that list."

Payment options include Paypal and credit card, and setting up a campaign on your website is as simple as code copy and paste, the website said. Projects still need, however, to meet Pozible's Project Guidelines.

You can find out more about how to set it up on the Pozible blog announcement.

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